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Searchable ChatGPT Extension

I bought the license, but still see 'free' icon 🆓

Probably your payment email address and Chrome email address differ.

Please use login link in the receipt email. Alternatively, you can send a letter from your payment email address with the email address you use in Chrome, and the address will be updated promptly.

I am getting results with keywords only in the title

After you first install Searchable ChatGPT, please give it some time to fetch the index. Chat names are retrieved immediately, but messages may take a few minutes to fetch. When the first indexing finishes, the index will be updated automatically in the background.

I am using Arc/Brave/Vivaldi or another Chromium-based browser

To log into extension, use the link from receipt letter. If you lost the letter, please send me an email from the address you used for the purchase. You can save the link for future use.

If you are using Google Chrome and your Chrome email address matches the payment email address, you will be logged in automatically.

Contact developer

If you have any questions, please ✉️ send me an email.

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