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GPT conversations
with Pinnable ChatGPT extension

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The missing
pinning feature

As simple as it gets - pin chats so that they stay at the top of the sidebar

Support Chromium
and Firefox

Install extension to any Chromium-based browser or Firefox

pinned chats

Pinned chats will be synced across all Chrome instances with same profile

No ads, no trackers, no 3rd party code

No spying on you, no selling your data, everything works in your browser only

4.9 ★
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How to pin ChatGPT conversations

The extension adds new item in chat context menu that allows you to pin or unpin chat.

Additionally, there is a new button in top right area (near account button) to pin or unpin currently opened chat.

Why do I need it

If you have numerous chats in the web UI but need to access some of them more often than the others, it can be hard to find them quickly.
Pinnable ChatGPT allows you to pin the most important chats to the top of the sidebar, so you can access them quickly.

What are limitations of free version?

With free version, you can pin up to 3 chats in the sidebar. The paid version has no limitations and costs only $9 for a lifetime license.

After you upgrade to paid version, you will receive the magic link to activate your license to your email.



No registration, no credit card required.

Pin up to 3 chats.

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Lifetime license


Pin unlimited number of chats

Buy for $9

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